The Langley Schools Music Project: Children + David Bowie's "Space Oddity" = Poo In Pants

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langley_schools_music_project.jpgThe Langley Schools Music Project was a chorus of sixty kids from a school in Canada who, under the guidance of their teacher Hans Fenger, recorded an album of covers of pop tunes in the late seventies. The children played the instruments as well, despite having no sheet music and only a basic ability to play.
The most famous recording to emerge from the ensuing album Innocence & Despair is their version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, to which the man himself gave the thumbs-up. It was recorded on a two-track tape deck in a school gym, so the result is quite a shock to ears used to listening to slickly-produced material.
What is undeniable is that the result is somehow simultaneously haunting and charming… But mostly haunting. Click over for a listen.

[video: MatthewMalone]
[via Cosmic Hearse]

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