Tom McRae's blog has done what his music couldn't, and made me a fan of him

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Tom_McRae.jpgOdd, isn’t it, how you can spend years being aware of an act, and yet somehow manage to never hear their music? As far as I know, for instance, despite knowing the name “Tom McRae” I have never heard any of Tom McRae’s music.
Chances are I actually have heard him on some soundtrack or other, of course – having just checked him out he sounds like he could nestle next to Damien Rice quite nicely. But you know what I mean.
Anywhizzles, the other day I became a fan of him as a result of reading his blog. This is why:
I don’t know how many of you vowed to stop throwing toast at Jehovah’s Witnesses this year, maybe it was just me, but I broke that resolution within minutes of making it.
LOL, Tom McRae! LOL! *claps*

I don’t have a whole lot more to say about Tom McRae, except that, in a further amusing development his blog is called McRaetheism. Good, Tom McRae! I like you! This post is the aformentioned one about abusing a Jehovah’s Witness with – LMAO! – “a dough-based breakfast snack”.
It would only be fair to post a bit of Tom McRae’s music at this point. I would embed his new video for “End Of The World News (Dose Me Up)”, but as is sometimes the shitty way these days this function has been disabled on his channel.
So instead here we have “The Boy With The Bubblegun”. See, funny title! Oh. This sounds quite serious, actually. Serious face, readers.

[video: exitmusic123]
[image: Cridders on Flickr]

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