U2's new single as reviewed by My Chemical Toilet's Twitter followers

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U2 have a new single coming out in February called “Get On Your Boots”, but it was unleashed onto the internet last week for people to decide whether it’s any good or not (you can listen to it here).

Me, I refuse to form opinions about U2 songs anymore. There’s no point. There would be as much point forming an opinion about wood, or air. Nothing I do will change its existence, or the fact it will be very popular.

But it can’t just be ignored, either. So, as a compromise, I handed reviewing duties over to My Chemical Toilet’s music-savvy Twitter followers.

Bless them, they took time out from commenting on their lunch and attempting to get Jonathan Ross‘s attention to drop their mind-bombs, which you can see exploding all over the page after the jump.

First up is someone called Orbyn, who offers:


I have sadly never witnessed this happening, so couldn’t say whether it’s an accurate description of how the new U2 single sounds. But it’s a colourful image, isn’t it? I wonder whether Bjork would make an effective piece of weaponry.

Next up we have brittneybean:


BOOM! brittneybean just brought the satire, yo. To be fair this observation is likely to feature in every review of “Get On Your Boots”, so I’m glad one of our correspondents has it covered.

Now let’s see what a man with the extremely rock n’ roll name of marshallstaxx has to say ’bout tings:


Ew. EWWW. Quick, I need something fragrant and fluffy to rebalance my brainium. Emmanx, can you help??


Uh… thanks? I suppose?

OK, by this point it’s clear that My Chemical Toilet’s Twitter followers are imaginative, creative individuals, which is good to know for the next time I have to encapsulate this site’s readership into a soundbite for the benefit of our ad sales department.

Any more for any more, though? Ah, here’s Flashboy:


Now, I think Flashboy means this as something of an insult. However, if we take a gander at what some “balls on a stick” actually looks like:


Well, I think the combination looks quite pretty.

So, there we have it. Oh, hang on – one more:


Oh dear. Hey Bruce, it’s only three minutes twenty-four seconds long. Chin up, yes? Turn that frown upside down, sad clown!

So, there we have it. None of it matters, of course, because U2 are impervious to criticism and, possibly, radiation. But if we take nothing else from this little interactive pow-wow it is that… um… balls on a stick can look quite nice?

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