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DJ A-Trak, in case you didn’t know, is Kanye West’s tour DJ, a top producer, and a general all-round turntabling wizardgod. He won the DMC World DJ Championship at the age of 15, and he’s co-founded two record labels. He’s 26 years old.
That gap just there was so you could swallow down your jealousy. Done? OK, well prepare for some envy reflux, because now I’m going to tell you he’s a very entertaining blogger as well.
While Kanye’s blog alternates between wordless, image/video heavy posts and increasingly unhinged, if extremely style-conscious rants, A-Trak’s site covers some of the same territory but in a more subdued, contented kind of way.
As the younger brother of Dave One from the magnificent Chromeo, his big bro can be expected to show up occasionally, like when they encounter a kosher vending machine in a cinema lobby.

Like Kanye, A-Trak (real name Alain Macklovitch, I know you were wondering) likes his threads. And like Kanye – and the fashion writers I work with – I suspect that he long ago cottoned onto the fact that giving a brand some blog exposure is a surefire way of getting a boatload of free swag. So by now he’s probably in possession of plenty of free scarves, manbags, and, um, sex doll windbreakers.
A-Trak is on top of the video blogging malarkey too. And not for him distracted Lil Wayne-style dispatches while he munches his din-dins, oh no. A-Trak has carved a niche out for himself as a hotel room reviewer, with many short video tours of his accommodation while on the road available for viewing on his blog. He seems quite fascinated by weird room keys, as this clip from from Denver’s Hotel Teatro illustrates:

At this risk of sounding like a social media cuntoid for a second, this is the kind of “content” record labels pay people good money to think of when they need to promote an act in “the digital space”. The great thing about A-Trak’s videos is you get the impression he does them to save himself from going a bit doolally while he’s out on the road, but they’re also engaging viewing for those of us who will never get to sample life as an international jet-set DJ sort.
Throw in links to his latest remixes, his top Fleetwood Mac songs, his favourite nerdy YouTube tutorials and rants about airline luggage allowances, and you have a blog that any pop culture junkie will probably want to add to their RSS reader.
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I need to do more with my life.

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