Attic Lights annihilate Minder theme tune in honour of Shane Richie

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attic_lights_minder.jpgBelieve it or not, despite being a passionate music fan, I am not one of those bores who will grumble on about songs being “sacred” and untouchable. If you think you can cover a classic song and give it a decent twist, good luck to you. There are plenty of other folk out there willing to roast you just for considering the idea.
The point at which I start vomming word-bile is if the cover is an insipid, life-draining piece of shit. As is the case with The Attic Lights’ rendering of “I Could Be So Could For You”, which they have recorded to soundtrack the new version of Minder (starts on Five at 9pm tonight, viewers!).

Maybe – maybe - they could have gotten away with a video which features Shane Richie cavorting around “in character” as Arfur Daley’s nephew, Archie (you know – not too far away from the name “Alfie”, his character in ‘enders) if it was set to an original song.
But when the soundtrack to such irritating cockney peacockery is this sub-Feeling pellet of service station beige-rock – described by Female First has possessing a “cool indie vibe” – you have to wonder whether anyone will even get past the opening credits of the first episode.
Who am I kidding? This re-recorded version of Dennis Waterman’s chirpy original will probably be the most popular thing about the pointless remake.
NB: no, I am not related to Dennis.

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