Cahill's "Sex Shooter" video is definitely not about ladies getting jizzed and peed on

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Cahill’s “Sex Shooter” is the song equivalent of that point on a Friday when you look at your Facebook and EVERYONE’s status is a variation of “Hooray, it is Friday and I am quite pleased about that.”

Only, when you experience “Sex Shooter” you don’t want to scream “YES I KNOW IT’S FUCKING FRIDAY, I’VE GOT A CALENDER YOU KNOW” – you just want to have a little dance and perhaps indulge in some sex shooting of your own. This is “funky house”, you see.

You’ll be pleased to learn that the video features women shooting each other with fluids, and then a pretty predictable bout of semi-clad cavorting around. Suddenly the term “funky house” has rather more bodily fragrance-related implications.

“Sex Shooter” is released as a single on 9th March. Prepare for the inevitable Daily Mail outrage by checking it out after the jump.

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