Gene Simmons, Dolly Parton appear on a christian's face

Video, Your New Favourite Weirdo

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Hey, how weird do you think it would be to see a person with all the members of Kiss painted onto his face? Do you think it would be as weird as this?

Chances are some of you found that slightly disturbing. In which case I would like to assure you that you ain’t even sniffed disturbing until you’ve seen him doing Dolly Parton.

Click over.

And if you’d like an extra layer of oddness, this is the same guy in a church.

His name is James Kuhn, and he goes by the name hawhawjames on Flickr, where you can see quite literally hundreds more pictures of him being talented yet weird. Look, here he is being some corn:
He’s got a book out, as well. Wouldn’t you love to see James painting kiddies’ faces at your local school fete?

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