I'll Hit Her: those Estonian indie/electro acts just keep coming

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I’ll tell you, trying to find info about an act called I’ll Hit Her will throw up some puh-ritty disturbing search results on Google. And while some of them might be kind of darkly entertaining, chances are not a one will be as pleasing on the earbones as “Noise In Your Mind”.
If you don’t mind I’ll sidestep the obvious issues regarding their name in a rather cowardly manner, and just concentrate on the music maaan.

I was able to find out very little, so I’ll just tell you what I do know: on Fairtilizer I’ll Hit Her are listed as Estonian indie/electro. I’ll Hit Her’s MySpace contains some rather shambolic tunes alongside some rather decent ones. “Noise In Your Mind” is probably the decentest, and you should give it a spin below:

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