iPhone technoBox app set to create nation of mobile techno DJs :(

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iphone.jpgSo, someone you know has iPhone. You’re happy for them. You’ve emitted an acceptable number of “ooh”s and “ahh”s over iPhone’s shiny loveliness. You’re a little bit jealous. That’s perfectly natural.
Then iPhone starts impacting on your social life. Nights in the pub become distinctly iPhone-centric. If your friend isn’t showing you what iPhone can do, they’re Tweeting, Facebooking, emailing, YouTube-ing.
Go to the toilet and you know that when you return you’re going to need to wait about another half an hour before your companion can tear him/herself away from iPhone. You left them alone with iPhone, you see. Never leave anyone alone with iPhone.
Well, pretty soon your friend’s antisocial iPhone use is going to extend beyond social networking – to creating music. And for that, you will need to thank technoBox.

technoBox apparently replicates the capabilities of Roland drum machines. The 808 model, of course, has recently received a lot of publicity thanks to Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreaks.
Various technical specifications that I don’t really understand but which might mean something to you lot:
- Authentic 303 emulation based on the ABL2 engine
- Drum module with selectible 808 or 909 sounds
- Transpose and randomizer for synth module
- 24 patterns per session (12 for 303, 12 for 808/909)
- Pattern sequencer with up to 1000 bars

Golly. Oh, and it looks like something from Tron, as well, as you’ll see in the below video demonstration.
So you know that friend with the iPhone? If they have one iota of musical ability, or even a vague affinity for dance music, you might as well cut them off now.

technoBox will be available at Apple’s App Store “soon”.
[source: beatportal]

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