"Little Pimpin'" by Madeline Rose Smith (and her presumably rather scary father)

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little_pimpin.jpgThis rejig of Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’” comes from Funny Or Die but had me wanting to replace the “Die” with “Icky”. Although, admittedly, if you don’t “awww” at lyrics like the bit where she goes “sleep in bed with one eye open as long as I am snug”, then you’re dead inside.
However, I think you’re legitimately allowed to feel a leetle uneasy at the fact wee Madeline doesn’t look like she’s having all that much fun. Er, and I hate to bring up Minipops, but that bit where she goes “cute behindy”…?

Also, that bit at the end. “Is that the last time? Because I’m hungry.” It’s probably supposed to be cute, but kind of places her Dad in the role of kiddy sweatshop proprietor. Form your own opinion, as long as it’s the same as mine, after the jump.

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