Milke's "Love Get Out Of My Way" + Designer Drugs = a thumpingly enjoyable affair

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milke.jpgFurther proof that anyone toting a guitar in 2009 might as well chop it up for firewood, Milke (right; click image to enlarge) have already been big-upped (bigged-up?) by lots of people far cooler than I. “Love Get Out Of My Way” is released as a single on March 16th, with a debut album due to follow later this year.
With all the plaudits they’ve received from the cool kids I was like, “Not going to like ‘Love Get Out Of My Way’. Shan’t”. But then I listened to it, and I was like, “OK, it’s good.” And then I heard the Designer Drugs remix – which you can download for free after the jump – I was like, “THAT IS FUCKING BRILLIANT.”
And then everyone in the office was like, “You in the corner, we are trying to work here, please stop talking to yourself.” And I was like, “OK.”

In truth the “Love Get Out Of My Way” remix isn’t anything groundbreaking – it’s just a Hi-NRG kind of affair done very, very well. Milke’s other songs, which you can check out at their MySpace, are a bit more in the realm of Van She/Cut Copy; in that respect they have their work cut out distinguishing themselves from the rest of the current electro-pop crop.
But if you assume every one of their tracks will have the shit remixed out of it by all manner of hipster types, it’s not unreasonable to suppose Milke will spend 2009 appealing to fans across several genres.
Listen to “Love Get Out Of My Way” below, and download it below below.

Love Get Out of My Way – Designer Drugs Remix.mp3

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