Pet Shop Boys' "Love etc." is all about love, etc.

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pet_shop_boys.jpgThe material from the forthcoming Pet Shop Boys album Yes has been receiving feverish write-ups from Popjustice for a while now. Now us normals can here first single “Love etc” as well, alongside its spanking new animated video.
“Love Etc.” is one of those songs that tells you stuff like “too much of everything is never enough”, which is a theory with a ring of profundity until you realise it’s one that can only ever be proved/disproved by gazillionaires.
So yes, the thrust of the song is that you don’t need this and that, you need love. Which is clearly nonsense, but let’s not allow this to distract from the fact that this is a great pop song and more or less exactly what you’d hope for from Pet Shop Boys’ return. See the vid after the jump.

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