Rick Ross delights MURS by dissing him

Hip-Hop Isn't Dead, Video


murs.jpgAs 50 Cent and Rick Ross do their tiresome WWE-style back-and-forth beefing, it’s nice to see an overlooked talent get a bit of exposure as a by-product.
MURS has been going for a good 15 or so years in some form or another, but it might turn out that his biggest break comes as a result of being namechecked by Ross in one of his disses at Fiddy.
“I don’t know MURS,” Ross raps over a MURS beat. What might rile some folk up seems to delight the good-humoured MURS, who goes on to thank Ross for the namecheck on “Who’s The Boss?” – and I love the set-up in the video, which sees MURS go from his desk straight to the recording booth after watching the Ross vid.
Check it out after the jump.

[via okayplayer]


  1. chris bee says:

    Murs kills rick ross. Murs is on a hole different level this those fools. Thanks Murs for creating real art

  2. Bebop says:

    How dare you Ross! Dont you ever!!!! EVER! Put brotha Murs name in your mouth, you hear me! He’s an underground Rapper that you mainstream fags should avoid. And dont steal his beat you big, bearded bastard!!! D:<

    Haha, but I like how casualy he destroys Ross with a simple freestyle while keeping his humor. YOU THE MAN Murs…. or should I say Mr. President.

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