Spinnerette's Brody Dalle doesn't just appeal to longhairs anymore

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brody_dalle_spinnerette.jpgHer off The Distillers, Brody Dalle (left; click image to enlarge), has long been a “pin-up” for males who think it’s sissy to fancy women who aren’t plastered in tattoos. I was never the biggest fan of The Distillers – “Drain The Blood” aside – so was interested to hear she’d formed a new, slightly more accessible band. They’ve been tinkering away for a while, but you can actually download some of their stuff now.

The YouTube commenter who tagged Spinnerette as a female Eagles Of Death Metal definitely had a point. There is a Josh Homme-esque element to Dalle’s new stuff, which is kind of understandable since he happens to be her chap. The sleazy yet accessible debut EP Ghetto Love shouldn’t be dismissed as a pale imitation of anything he’s produced though.
“Distorting A Code” will find it difficult to avoid comparisons with both EODM and Homme’s other concern Queens Of The Stone Age. Which is not to say it isn’t a very enjoyable, sinisterly simplistic little singalong. “Valium Hearts” indicates Dalle’s also been listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs over the last few years. “Bury My Heart” is a bit of a drag.
But the title track, the video for which you can check out below, is the best of the bunch, combining a Knack-style chugga chugga rhythm with spiky guitar and an accessible if slightly menacing melody – plus a surprisingly vulnerable lyrical refrain of “I’m just a girl looking for love”.
The Ghetto Love EP is available at Spinnerette’s website now, and they have a couple of UK shows coming up this month – check out Spinnerette’s MySpace for deets.
Here’s the “Ghetto Love” video, then – I wouldn’t have known it was Brody, you know. I didn’t shit my pants once.

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