Tah Mac on the ROAD to lavish lifestyle (geddit, etc)

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Last night I went to see a young man who calls himself Tah Mac. This is him in his new video, “Lavish Lifestyle”:

It’s quite a catchy number, is not it? He reminds me a bit of Sisqo, only I believe he may be even shorter.
However, do you get the impression “Lavish Lifestyle” was penned, recorded and filmed before the global economy went and shat itself?

Yes, there is something rather odd about being in London in mid-winter, having just come through a week of snow, rain and being laid off, watching an aspiring young rapper inexpertly swigging from a big bottle of champagne (it all fizzed up in his face, bless him). To a lot of people the recession-rap of Cam’ron may ring distinctly more relevant right now.
Tah Mac has the kind of “accomplished” live band that is in very real danger of stealing his spotlight. He’s only a lil’ fella, and when you have two backing singers (one of them the lady from Basement Jaxx’s “Oh My Gosh”), a keyboardist, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and TWO DJ/sequencing types, you have your work cut out trying to justify the money behind you.
His tunes are on the danceable, feelgood side of R&B though, and I suspect people will not be able to get enough of it should it get enough exposure. “Time Of My Life” is kind of endearing, with young Tah more or less thanking his lucky stars to be leading the life he is. An advertised appearance from Mutya Buena never materialised, which was a disappointment, but Tah Mac seems to have enough decent tunes not to need to rely on guest stars.
tah_mac.jpgIt was hard to shake the sense, though, that he was a young lad playing at being a rapper – right down to the hat that looked too big for his head, and the blingalicious watch which was almost larger than his hand.
As lyrics such as “dollars and pounds I’m ready to throw” suggest, Tah Mac is getting quite a push in the UK. I suspect that if he makes it Stateside we’ll barely see him on our shores again, but trying to crack Britain before America is a tactic that has worked out pretty well for a fair few rock bands, so you can’t really blame his people for taking a similar approach.
“Lavish Lifestyle” is released as a single on 23rd March.
Tah Mac on MySpace

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