The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover recreated many, many times in time-lapse video

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blame_ringo_garble_arch.jpgGaaah, tourists! Rucksacks! Walking down the middle of the station platform at 2 metres an hour! Cagoules! Gaaah! Etcetera!
Blame Ringo are a band who have, for their new single “Garble Arch”, created a clever time-lapse video of tourists re-enacting The Beatles’ famous Abbey Road album cover zillions of times over the course of a day.
Ahhh, tourists. You know you’d do it too.

On a side note, you might be interested to learn that Blame Ringo’s name isn’t where the Starr-bashing ends. Apparently peace’n'love Ringo made the band change their previous name from Goodnight Vienna because he claimed it as his intellectual property after using it as the title for an album. Of course, this isn’t the first instance of Ringo Starr acting like your grumpy, football-puncturing next-door neighbour.
Blame Ringo appear to have subsequently made it their mission (or marketing tactic) to slate Ringo at every opportunity. Check their website to see what I mean…
But before that, watch this. It’s quite sweet.

[via The Ridiculant]

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