The first thirty-two seconds of Cold War Kids' "I've Seen Enough" video are thoroughly adequate

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The internet connection in our office is complete shit. If internet connections were measured in hundreds and thousands (or “sprinkles”, if you’re a foreign), our internet connection would currently be running at 3 hundreds and thousands.

When have you ever seen 3 hundreds and thousands? YOU HAVEN’T. It is very difficult to come by that few hundreds and thousands. And yet, were bandwidth measured in them, 3 is what we’d be dealing with over here.

All of which is a preamble to me telling you that I literally got bored waiting for Cold War Kids’ new video, “I’ve Seen Enough”, to load. I only got to see the first thirty-two seconds. That is not very fair on Cold War Kids, who I am keen to give another chance after the disappointment of their second album Loyalty To Loyalty. Indeed (snigger) you could say (chuckle) I have definitely NOT seen enough! LMFAOROFLALAOLAOLAOL!

To compensate for not watching the whole clip, allow me to assure you – and Cold War Kids – that when it comes to the first thirty-two seconds of music videos, “I’ve Seen Enough” is thoroughly adequate.

It’s not amazing – I mean, it’s no “Bad” – but it’s not shit. It looks quite nice.

Look, here are some lyrics written on paper. What do they say? The first line seems to mention “rolls”, so it might just be a shopping list.


The video doesn’t seem toooo pretentious, even though it’s in black and white, which is usually the signifier that what you are about to view has been shot in Pretentiovision. I mean, you’re allowed to show a tambourine without being labelled a ponce, right?


Who knows – maybe after one minute and forty-six seconds they all don turtle necks and start doing some elaborate performance art involving snakes. That would be quite pretentious.

Does this actually happen? Well, you probably have an internet connection that doesn’t run on wind power provided by one of those 99p hand fans, so you tell me. I suspect I may never make it beyond the first thirty-two seconds of “I’ve Seen Enough”, but you can enjoy the whole thing here:

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