Anamanaguchi's Dawn Metropolis finds use for pre-Wii Nintendo Entertainment Systems

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A punk band playing alongside a hacked 80s Nintendo Entertainment System doesn’t, on paper, sound like the most rewarding listening experience for anyone other than Nintendo fanboy nerdlingers.

However, Anamanaguchi’s Dawn Metropolis may prove that instrumental punk/video game mash-ups can be worth listening to even once the novelty has worn off.

From what I’ve listened to, Anamanaguchi sound a bit like a speeded-up, Guitar Hero version of NYC guitar synthstrumentalists Ratatat. But you probably won’t know if it’s really your kind of thing until you’ve actually listened to a bit of it – which you can do over the page.

So! Below you can listen to Dawn Metropolis‘s title track, and below that “Helix Nebula” from their debut album Power Supply. And below that, you’ll find links to buy both albums.

Listen to/buy Dawn Metropolis at

Buy Power Supply at

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