One-Hit Wonderful: Cola Boy – "7 Ways To Love"

One-Hit Wonderful, Video

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Could have shown the video for Cola Boy’s 1991 plinky-plonk dance smash, but I think this vintage Top Of The Pops footage captures the early 90s rather well. This was a time when there were no pop stars, just smelly-haired bedroom producers with zero stage presence.

Hence the fragrant shape-throwing of Janey Lee Grace, who moves her mouth to the song’s four lyrics – five if you count “ooh” – while the crowd does that horrible dad-like clapping along they always did to every song, ever.

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  1. darika says:

    Why on earth do they keep cutting back to the keyboard? The lack of interest from his one handed, two finger jiggling is less than that of the average 7 year old playing chopsticks.

  2. Simon says:

    Pretty much entirely the work of Bob’n'Pete off Saint Etienne, that.

  3. Really? I did not know that, but it does make sense – Sarah Crackers would have made a good fist of it no doubt.

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