Lady Sovereign samples The Cure: The Omegle verdict

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lady-sovereign-speech-bubbles_cropHave you heard of Omegle? It’s kind of like dogging, but without the, er, sex and car parks. You go on there and like *that*, you’re thrown into an instant message conversation with a randomly-selected stranger.

And unless you swap details, the conversation remains anonymous. Cool, right? I dunno. It was cool a week ago for a couple of minutes, anyway.

I went on to Omegle because I couldn’t quite work out the public’s perception of Lady Sovereign. Is she cool? Cheeky? “Vibrant”? Or just a wee gum-chewing guttersnipe chancer? Also, she did a song called “Random” once. Omegle’s random. You know?

I mean she was signed by Def Jam. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. But by that logic walking away from Def Jam – as she apparently did last year – is either ultimate cooligans or mega fooligans.

Now she’s on her own label, the splendidly-named Midget Records. You’ve probably heard her Cure-sampling new tune “So Human”. I like it – you just can’t argue with how catchy it is, and she continues to tread that bolshy/charming line her fans warmed to.

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  1. Duncan says:

    How far does something have to be different from the original to be a sample rather than a cover? I was tolerating sovvers fine until she started rapping the chorus. Then bile started erupting from my eyes.

  2. Stuart Waterman says:

    That sounds mad painful, sonnn. Get down the optomomomotrists or summink.

  3. Katie says:

    I don’t know what it is about that Lady Sovereign ladyperson, but I just can’t help enjoying listening to her speak along to songs – even the choruses.

    Also, Omegle is like that place Michael Palin goes to for a fight in that Python sketch. I think you’re disappointing them by not offering them a) sex b) a fite.

  4. Kat says:

    Being one of those “types” you mentioned (the Cure-loving type, not a banana-chocolate milkshake loving type, though admittedly I wouldn’t say no if you offered me one), I’m royally offended.

    How dare this little conrowed kiddywink delve into the greats of The Head on the Door? She should be sampling Tupac or something more inoffensive.

    If she hadn’t sampled The Cure, I need never have been reminded of her existence after months of blissful forgetfulness – and for that, I hope her shell toed Adidas shoes wear out a little quicker than they normally do. That’ll teach ‘er.

  5. Susi says:

    Any chance you can turn mychemtoilet into a random collection of Omega Fish Oil chats, at least til the novelty wears off sometime round Wednesday? I love it.

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  7. Spirals says:

    Lady Sov is super-hot, and she can sample any god-damn thing she pleases as far as I’m concerned.


    Lord Sov

  8. Chloe loves Tommy Jules says:

    lady sov’s version is a blatant copy of thomas jules’ cover, which was released a full month before hers..
    its even been proven that the only reason she did it was cus’ she heard it off of him.

    shes intelligent, why cant she come up with her own songs? or her own covers?

    ive got to go with tommy’s version all the way
    its an ACTUAL song.

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