Shaun Ryder jigsaw virtually begs you to lose pieces

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From the same people who brought you the now-legendary (and yet somehow not sold out) 20-inch canvas print of TV’s Paul Ross comes this simply darling jigsaw of Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder.

Currently languishing with a sales rank of 50,703 in Amazon’s Kitchen & Home section, this portrait of Shaun quite literally smashed to pieces would make an ideal gift for someone you really fucking hate.


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  1. Katie says:

    The comments on those Amazon items are filled with lulz.

  2. StuartW says:

    I’d like to see one jigsaw of young Shaun Ryder and one of old Shaun Ryder, but with the same shaped pieces. I then would create a Shaun Ryder amalgam. Then I’d go to bed.

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