Naughty rapper takes gun to talent show, gets booed offstage. What happens next?

Naughty Rappers

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357-magnumThere’s not much funnier than a naughty rapper who isn’t even famous enough to get away with being naughty. Maddest of props, then, to David Thomas Thornton, who took a 15-man entourage to a South Florida university talent show and managed to get himself charged with:

- aggravated assault
- possession of a firearm on school property
- grand theft of a firearm
- carrying a concealed weapon
- improper display of a firearm

It turns out that if you’re an aspiring rapper it’s really not OK to carry a loaded .357 Magnum around with you, and even more not OK to start waving it at people after they’ve booed you offstage for being so shit.

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[via Fark] / [image: Michael@Privacy of the Mind on Flickr]

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