Tinted Windows: where's the love?

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Much sniggering was sniggered when the world learned that Adam Schlesinger of Fountains Of Wayne, James Iha ex-of Smashing Pumpkins and Cheap Trick’s drummer Bun E. Carlos would be starting a new band with Taylor Hanson of, er, Hanson. Taylor Hanson is a grown man with four children, but to many he’ll always be the fourteen year-old who looked like a girl and made a few million dollars doing it.

Tinted Windows’ self-titled debut album came out last week, and “Kind Of A Girl” is the first single from it. As the retro video suggests, it’s inspired by late 70s/early 80s powerpop like The Cars and The Knack, and it’s a suitably catchy, disposable little blighter. Not sure it’s as good as “Where’s The Love”, though, which I will defend until my dying day.

Buy Tinted Windows’ album, or individual tracks from it, here

Tinted Windows “Kind of a Girl”

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