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Update: Er, it looks like this post was the kiss of death for poor TubeDubber, because it seems to have had its “account suspended”. Soz.

Doves’ new video, for “Kingdom Of Rust”, is pretty bloody dull*. It’s basically just a bloke driving around in a Ford Cortina. Fortunately a site called TubeDubber – which is what the BennyHillifier uses to do its thing – allowed me to liven up the video by handily removing Doves’ music and substituting it with Madness’ “Driving In My Car”. It improves the whole experience no end.

That’s all there is to TubeDubber, really – you search for a video and a song, and it plays them together. The opportunities for high-larious combinations are limited only by what is on YouTube.

Here’s my Doves/Madness dub.

*It has a very touching “reveal” at the end, but, you know. Too little, too late.

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  1. Katie Lee says:

    Your account has been suspended, apparently. Jesus, what did you do?!

  2. I KNEW Doves were behind that site.

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