One-Hit Wonderful: Sunscreem – "Love U More"

One-Hit Wonderful, Video

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Wikipedia reckons Sunscreem had TWELVE UK chart hits, but if I can’t remember them that means they never existed. Which, conveniently, means the one I can remember qualifies them for One-Hit Wonderful. Apparently they did OK in the U.S dance charts, but, you know.

And “Love U More” was quite wonderful, despite some rather odd lyrics. Witness:

You can turn wine into water
As fathers rape their daughters
But you know you can never make me love you more

Awww, ain’t no rapey incest gonna change her love for u.

The video could only have come from the early 90s, with greasy male ponytails, rave curtains and a tartan outfit which might remind readers of a certain age of D:Ream’s Peter Cunnah all featuring. Younger viewers soon to sit their 90s Video Aesthetics 101 exam should note that 78% of British pop videos from 1990 – 1993 were shot in forests.

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  1. Ritch says:

    I booked Sunscreem when I was Ents Manager at Kingston – great band, but my lasting memory was of food.. I’d not met a vegan before, so had no idea what food to get her to eat.. the Tour Manager didn’t either, and suggested raw potatoes.

  2. The image of that pretty blonde lady chowing down on some uncooked King Edwards is one that will stay with me forever. Thanks Ritch.

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