Amerie, "Why R U" returning with such a lacklustre number?

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It gives me no pleasure to have a dig at the frightfully beautiful Amerie, but “Why R U” sounds sadly R&B by numbers, doesn’t it?

From the instant classic “One Thing” through to her undeservedly overlooked last album Because I Love It (which barely had a release in the States), Amerie has tended to deliver pop fare of a distinctive and infectious nature.

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  1. [...] Amerie’s new one “Heard ‘Em All” is a frantic, tribal-beats-y kind of thing, with lots of great “uh-huh”s and “hey hey”s. I liked it after two listens, which makes it about an 8/10 on the immediacy scale. Clearly “One Thing” was an 11, but let’s give the poor girl a break because very few people ever produce a song that perfect and then have the misfortune to find themselves judged against it forever. [...]

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