Can You Gig It?: Lily Allen MySpace Secret Show @ The Tabernacle, London 11.5.09

Can You Gig It?

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lily_allen_myspace_secret_show_1Alex Pullin went and saw Lallen perform the other week, and this is what she saw, heard and thunk:

Lily Allen recently held a London Underground-themed MySpace Secret Show in “fashionable” Notting Hill. The evening was free to a limited number of her MySpace friends, with the venue was only announced on the day.

Fans, press, Chemical Brother ex-boyfriend Ed Simmons and hipster jester Nick Grimshaw donned outfits that represented tube stops in order to gain entry and see Lily perform hits from It’s Not Me, It’s You and first album Alright Still.

Attendees really went to town on their costumery. Notable creations included a man with rice all over his mouth (Ruislip – “rice lip”, get it?), several French maids with lace on their heads (Maida Vale) and one man who had created a giant phallus out of cans of Australian lager (Cockfosters – LOLZ). Before you ask, I wimped out and went as Bond Street (usual bond girl attire).

Like the popstar she is, Lily took to the stage a good hour later than billed – but at least she was togged up as Queen Victoria (VICTORIA – get it do you?), complete with grey wig, tiara and corset (“Never f*cking sing in a corset” she advised later). Opening with drugzrbad reminder “Everyone’s At It”, complete with a guitar solo reminiscent of Guns N’ Roses, it was clear that she intended this evening to be every bit as raucous as her costumed fans expected.

MySpace Secret Show with Lily Allen

A softer side of Lily was shown in the ballad “I Could Say”, but the

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