Sara Carlson's dancing will fly you to paradise

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Graham Linehan posted this video of a lady called Sara Carlson on a 1980s Italian variety show to his blog with the headline “Whatever the opposite to ‘aroused’ is, prepare to experience it”. I’d say that’s a little unfair, particularly since the best thing about this performance is not how libido-reducing it is, but how utterly mental it is. It’s from a show called Al Paradise, and if this is the opening I can only imagine how amazing the rest of the show was.

My favourite bits are Sara’s frantic elbow-flapping, her un-moonwalking, the scuttling crabmen and the respectful bursts of applause that just randomly appear throughout.

If you’re still wondering whether to bother watching “Fly To Paradise”, I’d respectfully direct you to this comment from YouTube:


When’s the last time someone said that about a video from, say, The Enemy?

Sara Carlson has numerous other bonkers performances out there, a couple of which are shown here, but I’d also urge you to see this bizarre semi slow-motion dance number performed, apparently, amid war-torn trenches. She also opened The Eurovision Song Contest in 1991 by prancing around some ancient ruins. And for further surrealism, her MySpace features a video of her throwing scantily-clad moves to a Stefan Grappelli violin solo.

These days Sara seems to be recording sadly snoozesome music, but one would hope that if she was to get a hit the old dance moves – and possibly scuttling crab men – would be dusted off one more time.

Sara Carlson at MySpace

By Sara Carlson’s album Doorways at CD Baby

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