My Chemical Toilet visits Lovebox Weekender 2009, predictably experiences technical difficulties

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In keeping with this site’s generally shambolic approach to pretty much everything, allow me to present you with some week-old, lukewarm-off-the-presses “content”.

My Chemical Toilet was presented with the opportunity to go to Lovebox Weekender and film some things happening. “Splendid!” thunk I, then: “Oh. I don’t know how cameras work.” THEN: “I know, I shall ask the lovely folk at Fixation Video if they’d like to go and film some ting.”

They said yes, and, with a minimum of (i.e. quite a lot of) technical ishoos they captured all of (i.e. a few of) the things you’d expect to see at a trendy urban festival.

The subtitles are very amusing, and more than make up for any moments where you may wonder if you’re experiencing a videophonic representation of one of your most intense childhood nightmares.

And anyway, I like nightmares, so nerr.

If you think this is late, let’s see when the Latitude review goes up. It may very well be after next year’s festival.

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