Remember, remember, remember: Fame returns

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Clearly my head has been residing up my arse, because I had no idea the Fame movie was being remade. But it has been, and it hits cinemas “this Fall”.

Watching the trailer you kind of get the impression that the new Fame is going to be to High School Musical what 90210 is to Gossip Girl; that is, an opportunistic but kind of understandable attempt by a bygone “brand” to jump on the back of a successful product which owes a considerbale debt to the original incarnation of that brand.

And I’m sure that’s what the tweens will be saying as they exit the multiplex “this Fall”.

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  1. kathryn says:

    hah! I went to a school concert the other day (don’t ask) and as the darling munchkins in the choir sang the title track I realised that for them, this was a movie to come out soon, not a legitimate thing to watch at saturday tea-time when you were 6. damn them.

  2. Yes, damn them. Damn the children.

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