Can You Gig It?: Example @ Hoxton Bar & Grill, London 3.9.09

Can You Gig It?, Video



That Louise Doherty went along to see that rapper Example the other night. Here she talk:

I swore I’d never go to another Example gig after the last time, when the man himself called me an idiot.

I’m certain there are many things I’ve done which deserve that charming accolade, but going to a gig on my own because I’m a long-time proponent of Example’s particularly unique brand of dysfunctional electro pop – while my friends aren’t (yet) – is not one of them.

The incident filled me with fury and resentment:


  1. Haha, thats cool Louise, I thought it was just me

  2. Alex W says:

    If you like Example, you might like Where’ Huey From Funkatech records. There’s some raw undiscovered talent there.

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