Hey, guess what? Fever Ray's new video is really quite unsettling

Video, Your New Favourite Weirdo

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As revelations go, the above is about as surprising as waking up in the morning. But Karin Dreijer deserves credit for not giving up on that whole “I’m going to spook the bollocks out of you” vibe she’s been mining for a while, even if she is tipping over into self-parody.

Not that you’ll be thinking in such an analytical fashion when you see her with a big “V” on her face for no particular reason in the vid for “Stranger Than Kindness”. Nay, you’ll be doing your darndest not to shityapants.

Merry Halloween, everyone!*

*I know it’s not Halloween for a couple of days yet, but the chances of me getting time to post again before Saturday are, how you say, “slim to fuck-all”.

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  1. I’m not getting “spooky” so much as “WTF?”

    Although oddly enough not the weirdest Nick Cave cover I’ve seen, but then the last one I had foisted upon me did involve The Mercy Seat set to Dr Seuss.

  2. kathryn says:

    ummmm, that is odd. very odd. what have they done to that song. and WHY? and if there is an odder nick cave cover I’m not sure I want to see it. Yet I’m strangely compelled to go and find it….

  3. Nick Cave is one of my musical blind spots – and here I must shamefully confessify that I had no idea it was a cover of one his numbers.

    I hang my head.

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