Can You Gig It?: Exlovers / Kurran & The Wolfnotes / Little Death @ Levi's OnesToWatch, London Borderline, 22.10.09

Can You Gig It?

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My Chemical Toilet’s roving review machine John-Scott Croly went to check out some up-and-comers on the latest Levi’s Ones To Watch Tour, so he did.

The band selector for the Levi’s OnesToWatch tour (for argument’s sake let’s call her Jean) is seemingly able to predict with unerring accuracy the bands that will be soundtracking our iPod commercials and adorning our NME-reading teenage relatives’ bedrooms walls twelve months down the line. Given the name and premise of the tour, this surely makes her very good at her job.

Of course I’m fully aware that in all likelihood each tour’s band roster is carefully selected by a team, nay, committee of achingly hip cultural Nostradamuses – but it’s fair to say that whoever these people are, they’re getting something right.

Previous acts to play on the Never-Ending Tour of Denim-Endorsed Musical Foresight

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  1. Miranda says:

    Scott, you have horrifically misquoted me: I said I didn’t like his hoodie.

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