Two Door Cinema Club can talk (and sing) (and wear fancy shmancy clothes) (and take them off)

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Earlier this year I went all frothy over Two Door Cinema Club’s rather zingful “Something Good Can Work”. I even offered it as a free download, which would seem to be the ideal opportunity for me to link to it again. Only, er, in changing my hosting and whatnot that link don’t work no more. PISS.

Oh well, here it is again:

In’t that nice? (Yes.)

Now they’re back and they’ve got a noo single called “I Can Talk”, the video representation of which you can see over the internet page.

This video could, I think, legitimately brandish one of those “DON’T WATCH IF YOU GO A BIT FUNNY AT FLASHY BITS” warnings like what they scare you with on the news. It made me feel quite dicky and I’m not prone to “turns”.

There are lots of clothes being taken off, but, like that Lil’ Chris video from a coupla years back, the removal of said vestements only reveals further “pieces”. “Pieces”, it should be noted, that are:

second-hand creations by ANDREA CREWS and clothes by KITSUNE

Woooh, get Two Door Cinema Club and their garms, eh?

The song itself is not quite as good as “Something Good Can Work” in my ‘umble, but beyond the Futureheads-ish “oh-ah”s and Vampire Weekendismic guitar motifs the chrous does burrow its way into your memory. Unless you’re senile, in which case you may avail yourself of my deepest sympathy.

“I Can Talk” is released 23rd November and you’ll be able to buy it at 7Digital, I’d imagine

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