Hip-hop playhouse: Twista goes to the doctor

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A doctor’s surgery. Twista enters the room.

Doctor: Ah, Twista. Hello, how have you been?

Twista: Gottapaininmypeepee pleasehelpmeGP

Doctor: Hmm, this again. Did you take my advice, and start using protection?

Twista: Playadon’tputrubberonhisdick DoctorMick

Doctor: Well, you know, you’re kind of asking for it in that case. What’s your objection to condoms, anyway?

Twista: LovetogetblazedwhileI’mgettinglaid

Doctor: I see. And you become too lethargic to reach over into your condom drawer, right?

Twista: Gottachick ridingmydick toomuchhasslestickingrubberonmywick eventhoughIcoulddoitrealquick

Doctor: Perhaps you should try having sex without smoking marijuana?

Twista: Nofuckwithoutfire thatscenario’sdire
Givesmethesexualdesire towhichIaspire
JustwishIcouldgethigher withoutstartingtotire

Doctor: I mean, I can give you that stuff I gave you last time, but you really need to-

Twista: NowI’mstartintoperspire

Doctor: Yes, I know the symptoms.

Twista: Urination apainfulsensation

Doctor: OK, here’s a prescription. But you can’t smoke marijuana while you’re taking it.

Twista: NoMaryJaneyouinsane
That’sapain tooprofane
Guessmy mainvein gonnacontinuetostrain
TheraininSpain fallsmainlyontheplain

Doctor: LOL! Oh Twista.

Twista: Ooh, also – I need to inform you of my change of address.

Doctor: You can do that at reception.

Twista: Okey dokey. Bye!

Doctor: Bye Twista!


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