Jimmy Page looks like a Native American

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Here’s Jimmy Page in iconic record emporium Rough Trade West, on which he is about to place a tribal curse because it was constructed atop his ancestors’ graveyard.

Not really, he’s promoting the fact that Royal Mail are taking a break from being all strikey to release some stamps based on “classic albums”. Incidentally, is there a more beardy phrase in all of musicdom than “classic album”? Negatory.

Here are the stamps in some of their glory. I like the little glimpse of vinyl which peeks out from each one, as it harks back to The Olden Days when people not only bought music, but did so in big round discs of shiny wax.


“Coldplay?? But no Oasis??? Pink Floyd?!?! But no-” etc etc etc. Let the “debates” begin. And I’ve had some proper barneys over stamps in my time. I knifed a man in the gut in a contretemps over these Finnish Bronze Age stamps once, and I’d fucking do it again in a heartbeat.

Of course, stamps based on albums are nothing new. Hawaii and Cuba have been creating stamps based on their favourite pop stars for years, as these Glenn Medeiros and John Secada items show:



The whole concept of funky stamps does rather miss the point that sadly these days the only people to send and receive handwritten post are those too old to write/open letters/envelopes. But I dare say Nan will enjoy reminiscing about New Order’s classic Power, Corruption & Lies when your birthday thank you note lands on her mat.

But back to Jimmy Page. Guess what he *didn’t* get for Christmas?


If he received any Argos vouchers, now he knows what to spend them on.


  1. Minge Merde says:

    Bwahaha…it’s almost too easy to make fun of poor Pagey. Although his guitaring makes any kind of nostril unkemptness forgivable.

  2. Marianne says:

    Why anyone would want to make fun of Jimmy Page is beyond me. Show some respect.

  3. I’m afraid it’s because there will always be humourless fans to leave comments such as yours, Marianne :(

  4. Marianne says:


    First, your comment makes absolutely no sense. Second, your brand of so-called “humor” is more suited to the junior high crowd. Tomorrow when you get to school, ask your teacher to explain the difference between “humorous” and “disrespectful”. That is, if you can find the time between shooting spitballs and making obnoxious sounds with your armpit.

  5. *shoots spitball*

    *makes obnoxious sound with armpit*

    *hi-fives the junior high crowd*

  6. kathryn says:

    which is more worrying? that I still send and recieve actual letters, or that I can name about half of those covers.
    Actually, maybe the question should be which is the least surprising?

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