Kings Of Leon spent their studio time sewing bits of cloth together

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Kings Of Leon have *finally* brought out a clothing line, hurrah! It was getting pretty tiresome wandering around Top Man and H&M, not being able to find a single pair of skinny-fit black trousers or elegantly distressed plaid shirt. You took your sweet time, Kings! Of Leon!

Here’s a hat from their “collection”:


Nice hat, isn’t it? It’s got a brim, and a whatever-you-call-the-bit-that-covers-your-bald-patch. There’s a pretty bit of string (or “ribbon”) there too, and a couple of those pleasing dents where you can place your digits as you lift the hat from your bonce, incline your head slightly, and go “howdy, ma’am” to the local schoolmistress.

But how much do you think this hat costs? All the hats I’ve ever touched have had comedy wigs attached, so I’m not best placed to guess. But I’m going to estimate…

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