Tinie Tempah uses his aunt's place as a wardrobe

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Braggage is an accepted part of the rap “game”, but it tends to be much more compelling when it’s done with a subtle sense of humour. Tinie Tempah seems to recognise this, as he shows in his soon-to-be-sizable-if-it-isn’t-already-I-dunno-I-don’t-keep-track-of-the-charts-these-days tune, “Pass Out”.

“I got so many clothes I keep some at my aunt’s house” is probably my favourite bit, but there’s a pleasing rags-to-riches feel to “now I drive past the bus I used to run for”, as well.

Love the track too, although in my ‘umble I think the hook/chorus/whatever – sung by a chap in a fetching checked jacket – interrupts the songs’s momentum a bit. The drum n’ bass outro suggests there should be some decent remixes out there as well…

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