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daisy_dares_youSometimes, readership, you read a Q&A with a popstar and get the distinct impression that, when it comes to the interview, “their heart’s not in it”.

Like, say, when the questions they’re asked are considerably longer than the answers they give.

Anyway, on a completely separate matter here’s Daisy of Daisy Dares You almost-fame (right, after losing a contact lens) answering some tricky teasers from this webalog.

Hello Daisy of Daisy Dares You almost-fame. When I was 17, I sat my driving test. I passed FIRST TIME. Have you sat your test yet?

I’m only 16, so not yet. I’ve bought myself a car though on eBay. He’s called Bertie blue. I love him and uploaded photos on to MySpace.

If you were driving down Interstate Highway Route 156, through the Deep South into the Golden Coast of Brooklyn, roof back, wind in your air – what music would you be “blasting”?

Some Rage Against The Machine. It always gets me in the mood.

If you were to duet with Joe McElderry, what song would you sing? Assuming Joe has no say in the matter.

I don’t think I could do it. I just couldn’t!

The original version of your upcoming single, Number One Enemy, featured someone called J2K. Did you ruthlessly dump him for Chipmunk when you saw Mr Munk have some hits?

Nah. Chip is on the same label and we kept bumping into each other and chatting. He loved the song and wanted to try something, but it sounded so great we kept it. I’ve just been on tour with him and he was great.

I read that your Mum was a backing singer for Curiosity Killed The Cat. Has she passed tips on to you about how to avoid losing yourself in drugs and silly hats?

Haha. No. Drugs really aren

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