Stripper accurately tags Muse as "a Styx for our time"

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neon_stripperFound this interesting article on It’s bascially an I.M chat with a stripper called Bubbles Burbujas in which she outlines what music does and doesn’t work in strip clubs.

For example:

Weezer = crowdpleaser, since these days the guys who like Weezer are pretty much a part of our target audience. And by that I mean guys who were GIANT DORKS about 15 years ago and now have money.

She also suggests that the bewilderingly long-lived popularity of mainstream rock bands such as Nickelback is linked to their popularity in strip clubs. Grizzly Bear’s success, meanwhile, definitely isn’t.

It sounds like it’s tough for modern acts to break the strip club gruff-rock hegemony, although Muse and Yeah Yeah Yeahs seem to get the nod.

Read the full article here. Bubbles also has her own blog.

[via Pop Candy]

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  2. chemse says:

    Most of the stripper clubs muse is used.

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