Guru takes DJ Premier beef to the grave… or does he?

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Gang Starr frontman Guru has sadly passed away after losing his fight against cancer, and in doing so has left a farewell note sure to keep hip-hop conspiracy theorists stocked up with debate material for a good while to come.

In it, Guru alludes pretty directly to his ongoing beefiness with former Gang Starr producer DJ Premier…

I do not wish my ex-DJ to have anything to do with my name likeness, events tributes etc. connected in anyway to my situation including any use of my name or circumstance for any reason and I have instructed my lawyers to enforce this. I had nothing to do with him in life for over 7 years and want nothing to do with him in death. Solar has my life story and is well informed on my family situation, as well as the real reason for separating from my ex-DJ.

Commenters on this post are already going wild with accusations that Solar wrote the note, and that someone close to his final moments would be unable to pen such an articulate farewell. Which, until you’ve actually faced impending death yourself, is a pretty bold claim. Twitter folk, meanwhile, are proving as restrained as usual thanks to a #fucksolar hashtag.

Assuming Guru did write the letter, nobody has the right to tell someone what is/isn’t befitting for a final goodbye. However it seems sad that amongst all the thanks to fans and supporters and evident pride in his career Guru felt the need to mention the situation with Premier so publicly. But hey, who knows who I’ll be cursing as I take my final breath…

RIP Guru

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  1. ThroatChopU says:

    You can’t honestly believe this letter is for real.

  2. Eddie says:

    I believe that the letter is phony.

  3. getoheisman says:

    If this letter is for real “Which it isnt” Then F*&(( Guru for that wack comment about Premo…There is not Guru w/out Premo and vise versa Gangstarr is what it is. For Solar to keep Guru Family away like that he was definitely up to some devilish scheme…so F**&(( U Solar. Wack Azzz

  4. drugsbeats says:

    man listen.everybody no’s solar wrote this is a weak minded person.disrespectful and man he sssuuuucccckkkkk’s as a is the fucking devil and he will recieve what’s coming to him.but i can’t get over the fact on how much solar sucks and i can say that.cause im dope as a memory of the greats we made a group called brolic in behind the infamous gangstarr drugs and big drugs morphine shots also lloyd banks no escape.

  5. 5mics says:

    i dont believe the letter at all.i truly believe that even if he said some of it majority of it was written by solar.if you read it it specifically continues to emphasize solars name and then he would allow guru family to even speak or see guru…thats solars words in that letter…and whats sad is that his greed and wickedness wouldnt even allow the man to goto his grave in peace…no matter what drama guru and dj premiere went through the world will always remember gangstaar guru and dj premiere.who is solar??? homie you gon burn in hell for what you did and i believe he probably pulled the plug on guru to reep guru ryalties and benefits…sound like a suge knight did to tupac move…

  6. Phil says:

    Nice piece (no homo)

  7. Jino says:

    i’m kinnda confused myself,but i think y’all too hard on Solar. time will tell. what if Guru really wrote the letter, we don’t know.
    GURU R.I.P.

  8. DMJ says:

    You never know. They had a beef for seven years. Even Easy E and Dre made up before he died.

    If it is true, He probably dont want Premier to benefit off his death. Like others did to BIGGIe, 2Pac, Big L, Big Pun, etc.

    I mean somebody is going to make money off of his death, so why not let him influence who does.

    GURU is no dummy. yall could say what u want, he wasnt senile.

  9. djmikec says:

    The letter is a hoax. Guru wanted to move on with different beats to rap over. Prem was hurt but understood. He just told Gu, to make sure he flows “Guru” style. Gang was going to produce a 7th LP, including Jeru! The letter is a hoax, disinformation. Respective attorneys, in most cases, deliver these kinds of letters. But at this level, that letter reads completely unprofessional. This is as far as it goes… case closed.

  10. TD says:

    Too much Tv, folks…
    The only hospitals where people enter a coma and wake up the following week writing emails, are the TV hospitals, where they slip into coma one episode and come out on the following episode.

    Premier supposedly snuck in the hospital a week before Guru passed, … and dude was in a coma. Guru entered the hospital in a coma and died that way.
    If the letter was Guru’s, it might have been written before that, but that would still mean Solar lied about dude waking up.

  11. Rjr says:

    End of the dady we will find out if its a fake as his lawyers will confirm or not if premo is allowed to mess with the beats etc or if guru did actually request this

  12. mackman10000 says:

    Fake ass letter…Solar wrote that garbage…There is noway that anybody would write some shit like that on they death bed and put a “black eye” on all the gangstarr hits and classics?!!? And oh yeah,solar is a fake premo wanna be…RIP GURU

  13. chicagosmokie says:

    the elam family said to the press that GURU never awakened from his you tell me,solar and all his defenders,how you gonna write a farewell letter when you’re in a coma?

  14. teOp says:

    Gangstarr def influenced us to form and make hiphop even down under way back when. The letter looks very dodgy and Solar appears on the sneak tip. 2 groups way havent heard from is G’s fam and the man Premier himself.

    Nevertheless the $ is a deceiver, especially the quick 1 and Solar seems to have fallen into that same ol trap that many have before him. Hopefully he will come clean while he still has time and when he does he will sleep a whole lot better.

    Better to die poor and with a clean conscience – and hopefully our man Guru did who was a stalwart in music conviction and life. What an influence!


  15. teOp says:

    not that Guru died poor…

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