MCT in SA: Day one – I'm taking this hotel home with me

That Time I Was Randomly Invited To South Africa

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One day into my blogger’s trip to Johannesburg courtesy of Smirnoff, and I’m a shut-in.

OK, not really. But it’s pretty tempting not to leave a hotel room that:

- Has a TV that greets you by name

- Has a shower room with a window that lets you watch TV while you condition your locks (it even has a speaker in the bathroom)

- Has a pool area and deck that makes you feel like you’re in Entourage

Oh yeah, and the staff at the Radisson Blu Gautrain smile and help you and stuff. Whoever invented pleasant service should export the idea to Britain sometime. I could do without the hammering from the construction guys in the morning – the hotel has literally just opened – but at least it means I don’t have to arrange a wake-up call.

Sorry, am I supposed to be a bit more blas

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