It's time to make Sia a Proper Popstar

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siaSia Furler is probably still most recognisable to people in Blighty for her stint in Zero 7, when she lent some high-class emoting to several otherwise quite somnolent songs which you’ll have heard used as dramatic shorthand in several TV shows over the last few years (see “Destiny”).

Those last few years, however, have also seen Sia release several very good albums, containing several very good songs, and yet she still seems to be very not a Proper Popstar as far as Most People are concerned.

Basically, this needs to change. I mean, listenandlook to/at her latest singleandvideo, “Clap Your Hands”:

OK, yes, if

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  1. Rich says:

    You’ve Changed sounds like Waterfalls by TLC. I claim my ten pounds.

  2. YOU ARE BANG RIGHT RICH, THANK YOU. Ten internet groats are winging their way to your cache as we speak.

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