The Apples In Stereo will steal your girlfriend in a most tuneful manner

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Fans of The Apples In Stereo’s earlier garage-jangle pop masterpieces (e.bloody.g., “Seems So”) might not have imagined there would ever be a sun-snogged patch of ELO’s picnic area where the band could be seen flinging a frisbee around and sipping cold ones with The Feeling.

But such is the vision their more recent stuff brings to mind, thanks to a 70s sensibility which, thankfully, does nothing to diminish the melodies which main chap Robert Schneider apparently produces more easily than you do saliva.

New album Travellers In Space And Time beams down several such tunelets. Get your listening tackle round “Told You Once”, f’rinstance:

The bonniest tune you’ve heard about nabbing someone’s girlfriend in a while, I’ll wager. While there will be lots of folk who have never hoid the thing, there will be many others who recognise it from a computer-based music simulation experience called Rock Band.


There’s also “Dancefloor”, which features that wee actor boy from that film about goblins:

Goblin boy also directed the video for an earlier song of theirs, “Energy” (from the album New Magnetic Wonder), which you will almost certainly recognise while not knowing why:

By way of a pithy conclusion, I shall just state that every song embedded/linked to from within this post is an example of nigh on pop perfectionicity, and you should therfore go and fill your ears with lots more of The Apples In Stereo. BYE.

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