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There’s something tantalizingly confusing in hearing music that doesn’t appear to belong to any recognised genre, and I found myself experiencing such beweirderment listening to Lorn‘s album Nothing Else.

Lorn probably won’t appear on a summer mixtape anytime soon. His oeuvre contains elements of dubstep, electronica and the kind of seductively woozy instrumental nausea Ratatat tend to favour. I don’t know how or where you’d dance to it, aside from performing some kind of lobotomised swaying in a very dark, very claustrophobic cave.

He employs the kind of basslines that people on SoundCloud tend to comment on with missives of the “SICK!”, or “HEAVEEE!” or “I JUST PUKED UP ALL MY KETAMINE AND IT FEELS LUSH” variety. Which is not to say he doesn’t have his accessible moments – “Cherry Moon”, embedded below, wouldn’t sound out of place over the credits of a Michael Mann “flick”.

You can imagine threatening grime sorts jumping at the chance to lay their stabby “flow” on top of his tracks, but such explicit exhortations would kind of negate the deliciously indefinable unease his lyric-free productions inspire. Having said that, Lorn’s remix of Notorious B.I.G’s “Suicidal Thoughts” suggests if he picks his collaborations carefully something special could transpire…

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