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So what it is, yeah, is I moved flat, yeah, and lost internet, yeah, and then when I got internet back the server broke, yeah, and then my laptop broke, yeah, and then the one I got to replace it broke, yeah, and then the World Cup was on, yeah…

But now all these things are out of the way, and all I have to worry about are the disasters yet to come. Marvluss.

So if you’re one of the three people who read this thing on a semi-regular basis, hello, back now.

To celebremate, let’s enjoy a spot of Aloe Blacc. This song is called “I Need A Dollar”*, it soundtracks some TV show or other in “the States”, and if you don’t like its hard-luck-uplifty charm you deserve to have your ears confiscated by whoever it is who’s in charge of doing that.

*There’s a chance erryone on the globe has loved and got bored of this song already, but I wouldnae ken because I’ve been “out of the loop” of late. Anyway, if you come here looking for the very latest “leaks” yooz kind of in the wrong yard. Lovely to see you, though.

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