What music do your neighbours listen to over and over and over and over again?

Pop Heaven / Pop Hell

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Since I moved flat, my new Brazilian/Portugesian neighbours have been a regular source of – how shall I put this – “vibrancy”. Mainly this entails the kind of screaming matches, door-slamming and apparent furniture-throwing that has me pondering my moral duty.

Luckily my morals often tend to lose out to my sense of Not Wanting Any Trouble-ness – you might recognise it as cowardice – and so I haven’t called any authorities yet.

The other notable thing about the neighbs is that one or other or both of them appears to be obsessed with Tupac.

Or, more specifically, the chugging, torpid end of Tupac – “Ghetto Gospel”, to be precise. If I spend a decent amount of time at home, I know that at some point I will hear its lumbering bassline through the wall.

“Ghetto Gospel” is the snoozesome, posthumous one with Elton John on it, by the way:

That video has 26 million + views, so they’re clearly not the only fans of the tune. But it does seem, if you’re going to listen to a Tupac song EVERY HOT DANG DAY, an odd choice.

Let’s be honest, Tupac was a bit of a shitsack – but he did release plenty of braggadocious goodness that’s hard to resist. The Dr Dre-produced G-funk of “Can’t C Me” is probably my favourite. It’s a lot more exciting than bloody “Ghetto Gospel”, that’s for sure.

Still, even “Ghetto Gospel” is an improvement on the music taste of the guys who lived above the last flat in which I resided. They had a penchant for dubstep. Very loud dubstep. The kind of dubstep that, even if you wear earplugs, permeates the floor, walls and even your pillow.

I wonder if there are any roudy neighbours who play neither rock nor urban music to disturb? Are there people out there who use the Mamas & The Papas to keep you awake? Are there any Enya terrorists out there? Have you had your Sundays ruined by deafening John Denver sessions? DO TELL.

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  1. opal says:

    I used to live across a courtyard from a mariachi musician and he (and my next door neighbors) played a lot of Tejano music and conjuntos very loudly … all night long.

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