Aeroplane’s “Superstar”: available with or without added Chromeo

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I am rather excite about Aeroplane‘s forthcoming album, which is probably the first time I’ve felt that way about a Belgian act.

Aeroplane are the people who did this amazing remix of Grace Jones, this amazing remix of Friendly Fires, this amazing remix of The Shortwave Set, this amazing remix of  Coyote, this amazing mash-up of Friendly Fires and some Frenchie… You get the idea. You’re not stupid.

They’ve also done some tray bong full-length mixes which will appeal to anyone who likes a splash of disco on their dance music. I’ve been listening to this Essential Mix for the last two months or so now!!!!!!!!?

Aeroplane – 500th Essential Mix (Live from Circus Liverpool) by Aeroplane (Official)

At the end of September their debut album “takes off”, and expectations are that it will be “plane” brilliant.

*pauses for audience laughter*

As if that weren’t good enough, they’ve roped my favourite electrofunk overdue-an-albumers Chromeo to remix their new single “Superstar”. Here it is:

Don’t you dig that “This is a preview” line? Here’s the original version, sans Chromeo:

Aeroplane – Superstar by Hypetrak

Aeroplane’s album will be called – uh-oh!!!!!!? – We Can’t Fly, and is out on 27th September. “Superstar” is out on 13th September.

Buy Aeroplane music by winging it over to 7digital

Aeroplane on MySpace

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