Rap man steals Batman, holds gun to monkey’s head

Naughty Rappers


We’ve all jacked a few mans for their chains in our time, haven’t we? ‘Course. One thing I personally have never done is steal someone’s gaudily-oversized superhero pendant and gone on YouTube to gloat about it. But north London MC Rowdy-T makes this look like a rather wizard idea, if only for publicity’s sake.

It seems Mr T encountered an American rapper named Yung Berg, and took a bit of a shine to Mr Berg’s Batman neckla- sorry, chain. So he yoinked it. Then, rather than laying low and polishing his twinkly Caped Crusader beneath his duvet, he decided to start uploading a series of videos so that nobody would be in any doubt that he was in possession of the stolen trinket.

He doesn’t seem very remorseful, it has to be said. Here he is, in a room that quite frankly needs a spot of decoration (you only need bother with the first couple of minutes, as thereafter you’d have to listen to some of his rather dreary music):

Baseball caps off to Rowdy’s canny socmed skills, then. Elsewhere in his videos we discover that while he might be busy getting his thief on from time to time, he still remembers to Bloo his lavatory:

This is not to say, however, that he doesn’t want Yung Berg to stick his head in said receptacle – as this message illustrates:

In another shot, Rowdy makes innovative use of the toy monkey his girlfriend got him for Valentine’s Day:

She’ll be furious if she sees this.

What Rowdy’s trying to get across with these clips and images is the basic message that a) he doesn’t care much for Yung Berg, and b) he is in possession of his property. No real need to go much further than that, really – he wouldn’t, for instance, want to give a clue as to precisely what area of North London he considers his “yard”.


Oddly, one of Rowdy’s complaints with Yung Berg in one of his vids is a claim that the latter has spoken to the FBI about the crime. Leaving aside the fact that Yung did extremely well to track down the Federal Bureau Of Investigation’s elite Stolen Superhero Jewellery Task Force – I’m told they are up to their eyes right now – you’d have thought that Mr T’s own very accessible boasts kind of expose him a tad.

I really hope law enforcement do show up at his door one day. Not because I have a keen sense of justice, mind – but you just know he’ll have someone film his attempts to deny that he’s ever seen the stolen item he’s wearing around his neck.

In all seriousness, we should remember that there is a victim in all this. And Yung Berg is sadly all too aware of the heartbreak that losing an infantile piece of jewellery can entail – he had his Transformers chain nicked a couple of years ago. I’m not joking.

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  1. Andy says:

    Dude, I’m not sure of the exact protocol for these things, but by posting this I think you may have started a beef with Rowdy T yourself. And possibly a lower-level one with Yung Berg. Christ! I’m probably implicating myself now. They’re both probably scanning all of my internets and that right now. We’d best go into hiding. Meet you under my kitchen table?

  2. Stuart Waterman says:

    I shan’t be swanning around Tottenham in my Rainbow Brite chain anytime soon, that’s for sure…

  3. Brandon says:

    just gotta throw in the fact that berg was in London when this happend. Whoever thr fuck Rowdy T is he wouldnt even think of taking someones chain while he’s in the US. Dudes a fuckin loser that looks like he desperately needs attention.Im not a young berg fan but Rowdy-T is a BITCH. I would take his fuckin mic from him during his own concert. hows that for stealing? damn internet faggot with no fans to listen to his lams ass attempt at music. fuck rowdy t. COME TAKE MY CHAIN BITCH!!!

  4. Brandon says:

    I str8 called that number and got the managers to agree that the video was staged. Fuckin dude couldnt even shout out to american rappers right… he stumbled when trying to think about gucci mans name, lol fuckin loser reppin north london cant even rap on key.

  5. Stuart Waterman says:

    You are very angry, sir. Perhaps try not to take Mr T’s actions quite so personally.

  6. grandplaya says:

    yung Berg and Rowdy-T Northlondon Batman Chain video Rowdy-T Northlondon “WHAT THEY WANT” http://www.myspace.com/onerowdyt

  7. grandplaya says:


  8. shostunna says:

    tell da dumb yank to shut up n do his research it happend in a club in bergs own country in miami called camios it was said by berg himself n in all da interviews concerning the incident n 2 obviously if u called his manager his manager will deny ne part of it to distant his self of all criminal alligations u clown n 3rd rowdy is not as much as a tourest in ur country as u think he is linked to alot of goons in miami n other states n always goes there n spends sumtimes half a year ud probably get urself truely hurt tryin n chat shit to him in person

  9. shostunna says:

    shout out to rowdy-t

  10. shostunna says:

    that brandon guy sounds like a hater all he probably doesis sits n bloggs allday while rowdy-t probably stacks bread for all da views hes been gettin ur jus bloggin broke n hateing if u look at da vids his car his facebook n his myspace n by da jewles he is already rockin means rowdy-t was already shining n doing his thing way b4 this im jus sayin i do my reasearch b4 i chat shit unlike ignorant ppl

  11. shostunna says:

    i 4 da record uk is a verry grimey place in some parts ppl gettin jacked or shot is not outa da norm n yanks gettin robbed by us is a regular thing but u dnt usualy hear coz they are imbaressed to talk about but rowdy-t put the guy on blast n let em no u gotta respect dat jus coz u aint got da balls to do shit like that dont make it bad 4 a real nigga to do it

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