I didn’t know that Hot Chip & Bernard Sumner didn’t know what love was

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I am a bit ashamed that this collaborance has seemingly passed me by, but better late than never I surpose.

I’m sure I’m about the eleven killionth blowhole to opine that Hot Chip are the 21st century’s answer to New Order. Bedsit melancholy crossed with dancefloor euphoria is a tricky blighter to pull off, and the Chip are one of the few acts to have gone some way to following in the Order’s footsteps without appearing drearily contrived.

So sing several hosannas for the fact that Bernard Sumner and Hot Chip have got together and released a single called “Didn’t Know What Love Was” in aid of… Converse. If that makes you feel a bit icky, you old fashionedy, then you’ll be happy to know that the tune is free, so none of your groats will end up in the hands of what may/may not be an evil multinational conglomoblah blah blah.

The song itself is a little bit lovely without being remarkable, I think, pleasingly combining the best of both parties and sounding not a million miles from Barney’s Electronic side project with Johnny Marr.

I think it’s nice that Bernard was not made to do any dancing in the video. His shadow grows no less, as my Gramps would say.

Download “Didn’t Know What Love Was” from Converseblog.com

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